Do not miss a good crisis

Don’t miss a good crisis – it could be a chance …
From the struggle with crises to cooperation and on to creative solution competence.
Achieve triple WIN: For yourself – For others – For the whole.

„Only those who know what to do when there’s nothing left to do have sufficiently efficient ongoing life games to help them avoid falling into disintegrating panic or soul-killing rigidity.
(Peter Sloterdijk in: Helping the World across the Street)

Growing through crises
Everyone knows experiences of learning from crises. We don’t use these opportunities as we could. That can be changed. Discover opportunities in crises. Become fluid in the system. Find new solutions and emotional brilliance.
Learn process control for crisis management, conflict resolution, emotional regulation and stress management. Have embodiment for potential development: cognitive, emotional, physical. Learn new tools for immediate use. Rediscover and integrate existing but hidden abilities.

Embodiment for potential development
Katas, which is used in Japanese martial arts as a sustainable improvement process and has been successfully implemented by Toyota, among others, as a PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) for decades, is the methodological basis of the Kata Embodiment for potential development and has four building blocks: Contact Execution Reflection Action. They are the basis for the sustainable training of stress and performance management.
Experience the immediate benefits for stress reduction and creative conflict resolution. Understand crises as opportunities for positive change. From struggle to cooperation, recognize and use action alternatives. Achieve personal stability and balance.

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