With the Art of Project Management cooperative, communicative and free of stress to project success

Project management is the art of leadership. Methodical knowledge alone is no longer sufficient for project success. The number of projects is increasing worldwide, as is the number of partners, interactions, methodological and content uncertainties. Furthermore, projects stand in an international and intercultural context and require extended competencies and methods. They therefore often deliver decisive results for the strategic orientation of organisations and for maintaining competitiveness.

Project management becomes ART in dealing with mistakes, uncertainties, complexity and ambiguities to remain creative and agile.

Project? I know it! Can I! Project management as an art of leadership
An offer for competence development

Project management is an art of leadership! Project managers must bring together the most diverse interests of all stakeholders in projects and at the same time lead their projects to success without exceeding budgets and deadlines. At the same time, they have little or no disciplinary responsibility. Their ART therefore consists of convincing all stakeholders, taking them with them and leading projects to success together.
The aim of this offer is to work out and make available the necessary competencies for management tasks in project management and successful and stress-free project handling.

Project governance for management and executives
An offer for a strategic understanding of project work

Success, failure, abandonment or massive time and budget overruns in projects are often due to insufficient project governance and lack of support for project managers by senior management and executives. The number of projects in organizations is increasing worldwide. Globalization, digitization and migration are the driving forces. The content of projects is often characterised by uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Old and familiar ways reach their limits.

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