It is time to think about leadership in projects, conflicts and stress economy in a new and different way.




Projektmanagement ist Führungskunst. Methodisches Wissen alleine reicht nicht mehr aus für Projekterfolg. Die Zahl der Projekte, der Teilnehmer und deren Interaktionen nimmt weltweit zu und damit methodische und inhaltliche Unsicherheiten im interkulturellen und internationalen Kontext. Benötigt werden erweiterte Kompetenzen und Methoden.

No project without conflicts. Positive dealing with these is high artistry. The experience of learning from conflicts and crises is well known. We do not use this to the extent that we could. That can be changed. Discover opportunities in conflicts and crises. Become fluid in the system. Find new solutions and achieve emotional brilliance.

„Make me a lotus blossom. Then everything rolls off of me and I can stay as I am“ is unsuitable as a mental attitude to face constant change and uncertainty, high complexity and ambiguity. We have no control over the surrounding realities. We cannot change that. What we can change is our attitude to it. We have to understand that we are our own bartenders and mix our own stress-response cocktail.

People make projects –
Leaders, champions and enablers are necessary for success in projects




All who move in the wide world of projects in these adventurous environments and lead them as leaders.

All those who move in the project worlds and have special and rare abilities to realize things that did not seem realizable at first.

All those who level paths for the makers and champions and all other project participants, remove obstacles and have an open ear for all problems and risks in the project worlds.

Sustainable training of the personal cognitive, emotional and physical levels leads from the struggle with crises and conflicts to creative solution competence.
Achieve triple WIN: For oneself – for others – for the whole. Sustainable solution competence that becomes personal property.

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